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Christina Valentine Property Services


Dedication to excellence

Renovation of 4 bedroom house in Acton

In April of this year, Christina Valentine was recommended to us by a close work colleague when we were looking for a painter and decorator to renovate a 4 bedroomed house in West Acton belonging to my father who had been placed in a nursing home after my mother’s passing.

As my wife and I live in Ireland and I am battling stage four cancer, we already had a lot on our plate and did not have the time or energy to oversee and manage the sympathetic renovation of my family home which was in an extremely poor state of repair not having been decorated since the 1970’s and needing a complete update and overhaul from top to bottom including electrics, central heating and new windows.

After meeting Christina who had come highly recommended, we immediately appointed her as Project Manager of the renovation, giving her full freedom to manage all trades persons, gas and electrics suppliers and painting, decorating and repairs. Christina’s positivity and can-do attitude impressed us along with her excellent people skills, professionalism, exacting standards and knowledge. There was no doubt in our minds that she was fully trustworthy and the best person for the job and we have not been not proven wrong to date.

Christina has been nothing but a blessing to us since we met her in April. We have faced a lot of personal stress and challenges over the last year dealing with my mother’s sudden passing, my father’s placement in a care home and my cancer, and Christina has completely taken on board all the stress of the house renovation for us, even down to installing new electrics, a new central heating system, a new kitchen and also helping us decide on fixtures and fittings and colours schemes, all in the most cost effective and creative ways possible. She has repaired rotting windows which now look brand new, saving us a fortune in replacement windows which would have to have meet conservation area criteria. She has been creative and inventive in bringing the building back to its original Art Deco style, removing layers of 1970’s wallpaper, paint, polystyrene tiles etc. She is transforming what was an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. My mother would have been very happy.

How Christina is transforming my family home has gone beyond all our expectations. Not only is she keeping within the agreed set budget and set timelines, but her attention to detail, her expertise, creativity and exacting standards have made all the difference. The quality of her work is second to none and we are very glad and grateful to have found her for this extensive project which she is managing single handedly. Many of our friends who have visited the property can not believe what Christina has achieved.

We trust Christina implicitly. She continually updates us with images of works carried out and breakdowns of the costs involved down to the last penny. She consults us every step of the way and advises us on budget saving ways to purchase appliances and materials even sourcing products from eBay for us.

She is a unique individual with compassion and empathy, going above and beyond the call of duty. We couldn’t have done this without her.

We will be so proud to entertain people in the house when it is finished compared to before.

No one could not be impressed with the before and after especially on the budget Christina was given

Henry Owen and Paula Goddard - Acton, London

Redecorate Living Room

Christina came to redecorate my living room a few months ago, her attitude to her work was so sincere and professional, she took it so seriously that my living room now is renovated - way beyond just redecorated, she painstakingly attended to every single detail.

At the end of every day my flat was spotlessly clean and tidy - I’m still awestruck at how she managed to do so much work and so much tidying up and so much taking care of my home and on top of that the quality of the work that she did was just amazing I think she must have access to more than 24 hours in a day!!

Before she began the work she spent time with me helping to choose exactly what I wanted, colours, textures, finishes, qualities - I never knew there was so much choice! She made lots of recommendations and suggestions that meant I could spend the minimum and achieve the maximum when it came to the final effect. She really knows her stuff and was able to achieve a much higher standard than I was expecting and save money because of her understanding of products her knowledge of really great quality products, tools and equipment meant that the job was done to such a high spec and it cost less than I originally calculated.

The way she treated me and my property was outstanding, she communicated with me regularly enough that I knew exactly what was going on but not too often that I felt overwhelmed. It was the perfect amount of attention she gave me. At every point through the process I knew what was going on. I knew what was expected of me (this is very important to me) and I knew what to expect in terms of the condition of my home… except for the final reveal when she blew all my expectations out of the water! Such a brilliant job, such a lovely woman, really easy to talk to (and she was able to talk to me while working at the same time, amazing!!) I know it is said that women can do more than one thing at a time but as a woman I personally find it difficult, for Christina no problem!

Christina was left alone in my house quite a lot and I even gave her my spare keys, so she could access the flat and I wasn't there, she regularly communicated with me keeping up-to-date with the progress. I absolutely trust that she is honest and full of integrity, and I also trust that her knowledge of her own field of work (which includes decorating joinery minor electrics and so many of other amazing skills). Anyway her knowledge and understanding of the work she does means I have every confidence in her understanding of all aspects of her work and any Health and Safety needs too. At no point was there any problem regarding health and safety in my place.

I want to close by saying how refreshing it was to find a woman who has done the best ever job in my home. In the past, whether I didn't myself or I hired somebody else in to do, I’ve never been so impressed. She's the first woman tradeswoman that I met and worked with and I highly recommend her if anybody needs some beautification in their own home… In fact no - I insist Christina should be the top of the list! Let her come do her magic.

I'm so grateful, my home looks fabulous, everybody comments what a great job she's done. I have never met anybody who has done such a good job so professionally, sincere, helpful, accommodating and goes way above and beyond!

Dr Marion Bevington - Islington, London

Our Trusted Tradesperson

Christina has been a trusted tradesperson who has taken care of our home on many occasions. From wall-painting to furniture assembly, from yard work to plastering and finishing touches, she has had our confidence to decorate, do building work and refurnish our home, even when we were away – and we don't just trust anyone to be in our home when we're away. She's always exceeded our expectations, and we've always asked her back to take extra-special care of our home. All in all, Christina is a fantastic person to ask to look after your home improvement needs, without a need to micromanage what she does, and yet get exactly what you were looking for from her.

Lawyer in Wimbledon, London.
(This client prefers to keep their name private, as do many clients.)

House Refurbishment Project

We were recommended to use Christina when we moved to our new home in Wimbledon. The house required full decoration throughout with the exception of the kitchen. To complicate matters we had a baby due in June, the house required a full re-wire as well as new boiler and radiators and a complete bathroom refit. As if that wasn't enough we had to stay in the house whilst all these works were going on (two adults and 3 children from ages 2 - 10). The baby came early, but the works were almost completed and we were able to bring the newborn baby back to the house within a few days of birth. That we were able to do so is a huge testament to the hard work, dedication, problem solving abilities, flexibility (and I could go on) of Christina. The quality of the workmanship is excellent. Christina has exacting standards which do not drop, even under intense pressure. Believe me, there was a lot of pressure given the situation. Every wall was stripped, filled, sanded and painted and could easily have been mistaken for new plaster. The wood, sanded/filled/prepared and painted. When creative thinking was required to overcome issues, this was done efficiently and effectively. I can't commend the quality highly enough. However, for us, the best qualities were Christina's ability to switch daily tasks at the short notice requests from other tradespeople in her team working in the house at the same time. This was no mean feat and facilitated the completion in such a tight timeframe despite the noise, dust and all round chaos. She also worked late (sometimes up until midnight) and available at weekends when we were away. I recommend Christina unreservedly and am happy to provide a personal reference if required.

Mr & Mrs Panni, Wimbledon

Flat Refurbishment Project

Christina Valentine did a superb complete refurbishment on a flat I bought in Dulwich Village. First she coordinated the soundproofing, plastering and carpentry I needed using her first rate team. I have rarely encountered such hard-working professionals and meticulous labourers. Then she personally redecorated the flat inside and outside to the highest standard of workmanship I have ever encountered – producing a beautiful and long lasting result. Everyone who has seen the flat has said what a wonderful job she has done. My highest possible recommendation.

Russell Dudley, Dulwich Village